9 Secret Ways Extreme Couponers Find Store Coupons


Couponing entails more than just cutting out coupons from the weekly newspaper or uploading and printing them from the internet. While those are excellent practices, to begin with, we can also learn a thing or two from serious couponers. But don’t be put off by the word “extreme” in the title. Their secrets are really simple to implement. You, too, will begin to save by implementing their techniques.

The Nine Secrets

Understand The Store’s Coupon Policies: 

It might be tempting to jump straight into couponing if you’re eager to get started. However, in order to really succeed in saving money, you might need to do some preliminary work. First and foremost, you must consider your store’s coupon policies. When it comes to multiplying coupons, taking competitor coupons, piling coupons, and other drastic couponing methods, not every store has the same policies.

Typically, the store’s coupon policy will be detailed on their website. Knowing this information before you start stacking coupons will save you time and potentially a headache when it comes time to check out. Before you get started, make sure you are familiar with the practices of your local store.

Coupons that double in value: 

Stores want you to come in, and they will use tempting deals to do so. Some shops, for example, allow you to double your coupons up to a certain amount. According to Couponing 101, doubling coupons means that the store will accept your coupon and match its value up to a certain sum. These caps are usually set at 50 cents or 99 cents. Always scan the fine print while using manufacturing coupons. 

Stack coupons and deals like a boss… but delegate the heavy lifting: 

What is the first rule of couponing? Coupons should be matched to current sales. But who has time to do all of that research? Fortunately for you, extreme couponers are on the case… and they are eager to share their results with you. Extreme couponers obtain advance copies of your favorite store advertisements and scour coupon websites. Then they figure out which combinations of coupons and store sales you can stack to maximize your savings – including how much you’ll end up paying. Occasionally, you will be able to get goods for free or nearly free. One of the most popular couponing websites, Couponxoo, has a plethora of up-to-date match-ups.

Snatch up bargains… but be picky with your purchases:

 Avoid falling into the pit of believing that you can purchase something just because you have a coupon. An item’s post-coupon price can still be higher than the cost of a similar brand. Furthermore, buying discounted goods for your family that they do not need is an easy way to lose money. Finally, if you have choices, choose the best coupon. If you have a coupon for $1 off two tubes of toothpaste and another for 75 cents off a single tube, print out a few copies of the second coupon and ignore the first. Plus, if your store doubles coupons worth less than $1, you’ll save $1.50 on each tube of toothpaste.

Know where to get coupons… but take advantage of shooting the fish in the barrel: 

Do you need to buy something right away but want to get the best price? Often make use of a coupon database. They allow you to search for your product and receive a list of current coupons, as well as information on where to find each of those coupons. In addition to physical coupons, take advantage of simple digital savings. Most major retailers have shop-specific savings apps that allow you to search, store, and use coupons directly from your mobile device.

Purchase in Bulk: 

Another tendency of serious couponers is to shop in bulk for the goods they really want. Buying a large quantity of the same commodities at once also lowers the price per unit because it saves on shipping and packaging costs. When purchasing in bulk, couponers are often not bound by a specific brand name. Although they prefer name-brand cereal, they can settle with a generic brand to save a significant amount of money in the long run.

Utilize Cash-Back Applications: 

If you look at an extreme couponer’s phone app list, you’ll most likely find coupon applications. Additionally, you will most likely come across cash-back applications that have an additional level of putting money back in their wallet.

Maintain Your Organization: 

There are several techniques and activities you can use in your attempt to save money by couponing. It’s critical to stay organized when dealing with all of the different policies, restrictions, and requirements. If you save paper coupons, it might be a good idea to keep them all in a binder. You may categorize them according to the type of product.

Master just one store at a time: 

Keep on before you go nuts trying to find and use every possible deal out there. Extreme couponers begin by concentrating on one store at a time. Learn their plans and the best practices to maximize your savings. Then, when you’re ready, go to another shop.


You, too, will save a lot of money by using some of the tactics given here, used by extreme couponers.

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