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Huawei Sound X Bluetooth Speaker
Huawei Sound X Bluetooth Speaker

Huawei sound x bluetooth speaker uses vast bass and a 360-degree soundstage. This elegant cordless stereo knows how to celebrate – yet like a truculent teen, it’s not listening.

Should I acquire the Huawei Sound X?


  • Excellent build quality
  • Deep, powerful bass
  • Omni-directional speaker variety


  • No voice aide assistance
  • It doesn’t fit all musical genres.
  • Operationally obtuse

Our Verdict

Excellently made and providing a reputable Hi-Fi efficiency, Huawei’s Sound X will not disappoint those looking for a Bluetooth speaker with premium goals. Yet, the absence of a smart connection is a considerable consideration.

It namely supplies incredible bass as well as premium tones that exceed competitors that are a comparable dimension. It’s fantastic for dancing and pop then. However, rock and also metal fans will undoubtedly want to look elsewhere for a better-controlled mid-range.

Despite having the technical capability, the Sound X doesn’t sustain any digital aides outside of China. Whether this gets included at a later date is unknown.

Huawei Sound X Bluetooth Speaker Complete Evaluation

The Huawei Sound X Bluetooth Speaker is an upmarket Bluetooth wireless speaker, co-engineering with French Hi-Fi queen Devialet.

The cordless speaker market is riding the crest of a wave (WAV?) currently, albeit one driven primarily by innovative technology and standard voice controls. The Sound X uses neither (unsurprising provided Huawei’s present trade dilemma with the US), rendering this a fairly conservative suggestion that relies entirely on its sonic attributes.

That can put it on shaky ground were it not for the participation of Devialet. The French brand is famous for its swank all-in-one Phantom and Reactor speakers. And innovative innovations like its signature Push-Push dual speakers and low distortion SAM (Speaker Active Matching) motorist mechanics, both of which get used right here.

Even at ₤ 299, the Sound X sells for less than half the Devialet Reactor rate. That begs the question: is this a bargain-priced Devialet speaker putting on a Huawei badge?

Design & Features

The Sound X is larger and much heavier than the average smart speaker, however not punishingly so. We would not put one on our work desk. However, it’s about appropriate for a little living room.

The coating is gloss black, differentiated by a round grille base, which protects drivers. In complete, there are eight drivers on board: twin 89mm speakers and that circle of six 38mm full-rangers.

The twin woofers are positioned in a push-push plan, disclosed by exploded views in the cupboard. As the songs pulsate, you can see them pumping away in unison.

The top of the system uses touch-sensitive quantity and pairing controls, illuminating when you trigger the closeness sensing unit. Convenient NFC pairing gets additionally offered.

Strangely enough, there’s likewise an onboard mic, as confirmed by a telltale icon on the top-plate, but this is non-functioning outside of China. The speaker doesn’t collaborate with any available voice assistants in the West, be they from Google, Apple, or Amazon.

In its residence region, Sound X converses through Huawei’s Xiaoyi voice aide. It’s feasible that at some point, the business may introduce Xiaoyi capability on a more extensive basis, yet there’s no roadmap that we’re mindful of.

Audio Quality

The Sound X might lack clever ecological community assistance, but it’s not a deficit in musicality, and the Devialet pedigree radiates via. All tight bass and pleasant highs, it’s a great stereo that pleasantly overshadows similar audio speakers with similar physical impacts.

The Devialet Push-Push symmetrical speaker style functions astonishingly well. Bass is punchy, without evident overhang. That Push-Push acoustic layout allows one woofer to negate the other’s back-wave vibrations, maintaining low frequencies muscle and tight.

If you like dancing or Euro-pop, you’ll relish the means it pumps vigorously, those exposed woofers dancing in rhythm.

While the bass lays out to hog the efficiency limelight, it’s the tweeter array that’s most outstanding. Streaming hi-res classics from Tidal validates their articulation and treble clarity.

There are constraints, of course. Its mid-range performance isn’t constantly on the money, usually sounding just a little too hefty for its very own good. That isn’t a speaker for guitar-orientated rock, as riffs appear to get shed in the crossover.

However, it’s not short on power. Power output gets ranked at 65W, with a claimed 144W of overall short-term power. Ultimately flight, it’ll push load up to 93dB, and that’s an excellent quantity of bang. Getting a fully-fledged Hi-Fi system makes even more feeling if you require extra.

The Omni-directional soundstage functions well. It’s not stereophonic. However, you’ll get just as well offered wherever you eavesdrop on an area.

Rate & Availability

You can have the Huawei Sound X for ₤ 299 straight from Huawei, which places it at the luxury of the best Bluetooth speaker market. The Apple HomePod, which does not perform relatively the same vigor, is ₤ 100 more affordable. Simultaneously, the Amazon Echo Studio, which has the evident advantage of a Dolby Atmos up-firer, sells for ₤ 190. So you can see it’s lumbered with reasonably a price costs.

Its closest rival sonically is most likely the slightly more pricey Harmon Kardon Allure, currently ₤ 249.

All its rivals can rightfully assert to provide much better value for money. Yet, as we’ve hinted, this holds an extremely cost-effective Devialet – for contrast, the least expensive Devialet Phantom Reactor is a monstrous ₤ 990. And that degrees the field a little.

It comes with a protective material slipcase and also the outboard power supply.


Magnificently made and offering a reliable Hi-Fi efficiency, Huawei’s Sound X is not going to let down those seeking a Bluetooth speaker with premium aspirations. It’s at its best with bass-heavy dancing songs, reggae, and also sleek pop. However, we wouldn’t advocate it for rock and steel.

That absence of intelligent connectivity, though, is a substantial factor to consider. Alternatively, you don’t have to stress over this specific speaker listening to your at-home small talk.

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