DIY Projects for Outdoors and Indoors

DIY Projects

DIY projects for outdoors and indoors. Recycling used pallets is good for the planet, but it’s even better for the wallet. If the creation of interior or exterior furniture in pallets has no secrets for us, we are always looking for new DIY ideas thanks to the many projects on the web. In the season of cocktail evenings, aperitifs and barbecues, we offer you a fun project that transforms the pallets into a garden or indoor bar.

Whether to have a drink with a few friends or to liven up a festivity, the pallet bar cabinet will accompany you all summer long. The pallet bar easily converts into a central island or kitchen trolley for those who want an additional kitchen cabinet.

Where to find wooden pallets?

But before presenting you with some very creative and helpful projects, you must first of all stock up on pallets. The most economical and undoubtedly the most environmentally friendly solution is, of course, to recycle old pallets. But where could one find such treasures, you will ask? Do not panic! There are not one or two trade sectors that have goods delivered on wooden pallets.

Once used, these areas of the business seek to get rid of it. We are talking about construction sites, supermarkets, and other industry sectors, using pallets as part of their activity. So, you have to ask for them, and they will most likely give them to you wholeheartedly and at a ridiculous price, otherwise, in the absence of an alternative.

What wood to make a bar?

And maybe you are still wondering if the wood that goes into the pallets’ composition is suitable enough for such a piece of furniture? Finally, it should be able to support a certain weight, and in addition, in the case of an outdoor bar, it must still be pretty resistant to humidity! But, again, don’t worry! Robust sufficient to resist the influence of the goods transported while being very light, the wood of the pallets is renowned for its rich nature. Often made from coniferous species, this wood has perfect rot-proof properties, which makes it very resistant to bad weather and ideal for outdoor use and landscape drawing.

How to make a bar out of a pallet?

DIY projects for outdoors and indoors

Necessary material:

  • Two pallets
  • Lumber
  • Board for the top of the bar
  • Jigsaw or wood saw
  • Screwdriver
  • Table saw
  • Square

For the base of the bar in pallet:

1. Cut one of the pallets into two equal parts that will serve as the wing of the bar.

2. Place the two halves of the pallet to the side. Mark and jigsaw 45 ° angles at the ends of the pallet you just cut.

3. Take the entire pallet and take the measurements of the spaces between the dice, then cut wooden cleats to the correct dimensions and place them in the openings using a hammer. Hammer and screw the wooden cleats to secure them. It would be the assemblage point of the pallet.

4. Assemble the base of the bar. To assemble the whole thing, screw the pallet halves to both sides of the entire pallet.

5. To make the bar structure more robust, measure your pallets and attach wooden cleats the entire length of the system to the front and back of the pallets.

Make the top of the bar: You still have to make the top of the bar. Measure the length of the structure and record the dimensions on the wood plank. Cut the board into three parts so that the panel follows the contours of the bar. With a nail gun, nail the boards.

How to make a bar with a concrete top?

Necessary material:

  • Two wooden pallets
  • Concrete slabs
  • Drill
  • Sander
  • Glue
  • Paint of your choice
  • Wood screws

Sand the pallets to remove imperfections. Apply at least two coats of paint in your preferred color. Screw the two pallets together using wood screws. Glue the cement slabs on top of the pallet.

How to create a counter? A few more tips

Finally, know that there are not one or two little tips to make your wooden pallet bar even more functional. For example, consider equipping your bar with a few shelves to avoid having to go back and forth between the kitchen and the bar each time you prepare a small cocktail or aperitif.

And then, to make your job easier, don’t hesitate to mount your bar on wheels, which would then make it mobile and easy to move. Finally, to personalize your pallet countertop, we advise you to repaint it with a paint color you like, decorate it with a stencil, or adorn and illuminate it with a light garland.

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