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custom rigid boxes
custom rigid boxes

Whenever there is a need for premium packaging, the brand and companies use custom rigid boxes. These boxes are great for companies interested in revamping the perceived value of their products. Give a new look and augmented appeal to your products using the best cardboard packaging. Order custom rigid boxes for your products today and excite your target customers to make a purchase. If done right, these boxes will boost your sales in no time and help you achieve your packaging goals simultaneously.

Every company is after monetary gains. It can only happen if the customers can get their hands on what they bought safely. Nothing puts off a customer more than damaged products. Give maximum protection to your items and products by packaging them in these boxes. All packaging and print companies use the finest cardboard stocks in crafting these boxes.

Packaging comprising rigid packaging boxes is used in different industries. You must have come across gift collections offered by various brands. Let us take the example of skincare companies. At the start of every new season, most reputed names from this industry launch a range of their new products using printed rigid boxes. These boxes include more than one product.

All of them come in one box, which looks flawless sitting on the retail counters. These boxes have luxury finishes. Most have a fluid-like shine that comes from UV coating. It gives these boxes a luxurious and rich appeal that is hard to ignore. Others have foil stamping in versatile metallic colors to highlight the design and text. Other than the dermatology industry, the candle industry also makes use of these boxes readily.

Types of printed rigid boxes

Manufacturers of rigid boxes in the USA have introduced several layouts and designs that the companies can select according to their packaging and marketing needs. A few years ago, shipping rigid boxes was a costly task. They could not be stacked on top of each other. The manufacturers of packaging boxes have now developed collapsible rigid packaging boxes.

These boxes can be shipped easily from one destination to another. It has also brought down the cost. Companies and brands need to acknowledge that rigid boxes are not an economical option. They are crafted from the finest cardboard stocks. Also, exclusive printing and add-ons are added to them. Sometimes the completion of these boxes may even require labor work. All these factors add to their cost and price.

As the packaging industry evolved, so did their solutions. Today the companies can select magnetic custom boxes to give their products a glamorous appeal. Most jewelry companies go for this option. These boxes have parts of magnets attached to their lid and the base. The magnetic closure boxes’ lids close on their own due to the pull. There are many designs available in magnetic closure boxes.

Even the smallest jewelry items are packed in custom rigid boxes according to their sizes for a perfect fit. These boxes look as beautiful and charming as the jewelry items inside. The rigid packaging boxes are also used in the apparel industry by reputed designers and fashion houses. They are considered a status symbol by many.

Ordering custom rigid boxes

It is vital to find the appropriate print and packaging company to order custom rigid boxes. Researching the company before ordering the custom packaging boxes is essential. It will save the companies from incurring a loss of incorrect packaging that does not fit the product. If you are a company looking for premium boxes for your limited collection of products, then check out the options with ClipnBox right away.

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