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Best Wireless Speaker
Best Wireless Speaker

Our Verdict

For a beautiful, cost-effective, durable house wise speaker, you’ll be hard-pushed to discover an item that can match JBL’s Link Portable.


  • Expansive audio
  • Packed with features
  • Premium style


  • No JBL Connect assistance
  • Fussy over positioning

The marketplace is full to bursting with the best wireless speakers in the sub- ₤ 150 bracket. Yet not every one of them has the JBL Link Portable’s incredible attributes, including hands-free voice support, a battery charger cradle, and wireless streaming via wi-fi or Bluetooth. All of a sudden, much of that competition seems to melt away.

The built-in smarts get established using the Google Home application. The cradle battery charger negates looking for a little charging port in semi-darkness– your speaker sits on its nest when it requires juice– while its connection brings a myriad of streaming alternatives to the table, consisting of hi-res assistance.

The Link Portable is small on branding as well as difficulty, and also on first blush. There’s a whole awful lot to like. Just how will it fare at a price for features as well as seem?


The JBL Link Portable is approximately a centimeter shorter and squatter than the Ultimate Ears Boom 3, with a top plate like a rounded-off square as opposed to a strictly round design. Its closely woven fabric coat puts us in mind of an Ultimate Ears product. However, there’s an entirely a lot more retiring feel that needs to make it fade right into your home decor.

It is fairly hefty for a ‘portable’ speaker, at 735g (the JBL Flip 5 considers just 540g), so if you sling it in your bag, you’ll recognize it’s there. That stated, in regards to providing something considerable enough to fill up a room with sound but little sufficient to be travel-friendly, JBL has struck the nail on the head. The Sonos One needs to stay put in your lounge. The Link Portable feels completely comfy inside yet is always all set for the following road trip.

An IPX7 ranking implies it’s waterproof (to a deepness of one meter, for up to 30 mins), and also JBL asserts that when charged– which takes an optimum of 3.5 hours– you’ll obtain eight hours of wireless songs from it. As the USB-C cradle, there’s a USB-C billing port on the reduced spinal column of the Link Portable– in an instance, you don’t feel like packing the cradle for an overnight trip.

Here you’ll discover a Bluetooth pairing button, a mute mic button, the power button as well as a battery degree indicator. In addition to the system, there are quantity controls, two mics, and the well-known Google Assistant button. You can push this to quit audio, alarm systems, timers, and reactions, or hold it down for greater than 2 seconds to activate or shut off the Google Assistant.

There is a beneficial little wi-fi indicator light shining out from the speaker’s fabric just below that and a row of four LEDs above it. These are nearer the top of the device and light up through the speaker’s body’s material whenever the speaker is energetic. When activating, changing the quantity, or notifying you, Google is listening to your voice.

The Link Portable feels and looks like a premium product. It is offered in six colors, though our black design matches any room of the home– its rounded edges blend in gladly till we bark “Hey Google” at it.


We established the JBL Link Portable, using the Google Home iOS application on the Apple iPhone. You can give your speaker a label, and it appears, therefore, over a wi-fi link. AirPlay 2 customers can additionally execute set up using the Apple Home app.

We press the pairing button on the spine of the Link Portable and pair using Bluetooth 4.2, which arguably provides this little box of tricks a benefit over the Sonos One, which does not have Bluetooth. Obtaining each musical resource established on the Link Portable is a breeze. Link your Spotify account using the Home application, for instance, and also you can say, “Hey Google, play Coheed and Cambria on Spotify.”

Although Tidal’s streaming service doesn’t get supported for voice commands, you can stream Tidal playlists on Chromecast or AirPlay 2 just by clicking on the Link Portable in the alternatives on the bottom-left of Tidal’s interface. It is effortless and brings a wide variety of options to the table for little money.

We ask Google why Luis Figo left Barcelona for Real Madrid, to test its primary expertise. Google’s action (from Bleacher Report) is as stirring and also detailed as you can hope for. The Link Portable’s mics, balanced out from the quantity regulates on the speaker’s top plate, never stop working on picking up our voice, even throughout playback. It’s a masterful performance as well as one we battle to find fault with.

Perhaps the only noninclusion of note right here is the lack of JBL Connect app support, which will undoubtedly doubtless come as an impact on owners of products from JBL’s existing mobile line-up. Those seeking to make use of JBL’s PartyBoost feature to produce a stereo set between a Link Portable and, say, a Flip 5, Pulse 4, or brand-new Boombox 2, or to link numerous of these JBL speakers in mono will undoubtedly be out of luck. It’s a shame for owners who could have aimed to include Google Assistant operability in their home, yet JBL has dropped the Google Home/Apple Home path regarding multi-room use here.


We cue up Calligram’s The Eye Is The First Circle album on Tidal, and there’s a nicely even circulation of noise wherever we stand. It’s an open-sounding mix, with plenty of space for the intensely fast-paced drums, bass, guitar, and also shouted vocals within Carne to be separate and appreciable.

The album continues to Serpe as well as we note that JBL has not highlighted the treble here, selecting a completely extra incorporated, hi-fi sounding item. Considering this speaker’s small measurements, it’s an enduring relocation. Yet, the Link Portable’s bass gets much more emphasized than much of the market competition and suits line with what JBL calls its 360-degree Pro Sound.

If you’re a follower of the JBL Flip 5, for instance, you’ll find a similar noise profile available right here. Those who favor Ultimate Ears’ somewhat more treble-focused, fun-sounding products might feel the JBL does not have zeal. However, it ultimately depends on whether you like a more expansive, improved, and more extensive audio or energy and punch via the mids to treble.

For placement, we locate that if we eliminate the JBL Link Portable from its billing cradle and also area it upright on our coffee table or various other surface areas more vulnerable to vibration. The bass precision gets affected– much more so than numerous competitors.

We position our Link Portable alongside the somewhat larger Ultimate Ears Boom 3 and find the volume similarly as room-filling on our decibel meter. Thinking About the Link Portable’s completely extra bijou feel, that’s no mean feat.

We play Joshua Kadison’s Jessie, which gets presented with a full-bodied and shimmering piano, however never at the bass’s expenditure and purring Wurlitzer, which underpins the spirited notes. Kadison’s vocal is similarly well-handled, central, and also textured.

Our Tidal playlist remains to Michael Bolton’s To Love Somebody. We also take pleasure in the three-dimensional discussion of Bolton’s voice, which presents information over the Boom 3. The JBL Link Portable offers a detailed, musical, cohesive, and roomy listen, with hands-free Google Assistant, at a highly competitive rate.


JBL has developed a beautiful, small speaker for your home or driving, which additionally flaunts hands-free Google Assistant over wi-fi. It features a charging cradle in the box as well. Notably, it functions well and appears lovely.

For a speaker of this site, it has loads of information and an expansive blend with everything present, consisting of bass. Supplied, you have a solid surface at home, and you’re not seeking to daisy-chain it with one more JBL speaker. It has a whole lot going for it.

The Link Portable makes JBL a severe contender in the classification of cost-effective smart speakers.

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