4 Best Kids GPS Trackers and Wearables


AngelSense is a careful and discreet guardian.

AngelSense is a kids’ GPS tracker that can keep your kid safe at school, playground, and all over in between. Its comfortable style won’t disrupt your kid’s range of movement. And it locks tightly onto school bags or clothing to stay with them from house to bus, class, and beyond.

AngelSense’s parent app gives you frequent updates and virtual fence abilities, so you can see your kids are here safe at school and friends’ home after school. You may even contact them through the device if required.

Reviews of the Best kids’ GPS Tracker

1. AngelSense Kids’ GPS tracker: Best overall

AngelSense GPS tracker has a significant function to remember: protecting children with special needs. However, it works for any little ones.

Beyond the massive selection of tracking capabilities from safety-zone setup to 30-second updates, AngelSense’s Listen-In function lets moms and dads listen to how their child’s day is going, guaranteeing they don’t get mistreated and disregarded or lost.

With AngelCall two-way voice, you can talk with your child at any time, and they do not require to stress over buttons or click anything to chat. You can see what your child has depended on with journal logs that input information every 30 seconds.

AngelSense’s excellent features do come at a cost. Plans begin around $30 and increase from there, depending on whether you pay upfront or in installments.

This GPS device isn’t only for kids either. We suggest AngelSense for people with dementia prone to straying.


  • Bullet AngelCall two-way voice
  • Bullet Listen-in function
  • Bullet Location updates every 30 seconds


Bullet High monthly costs

Standout function: Regular updates

AngelSense sends out constant updates throughout your day, so you can check-in, listen in, and hold onto your peace of mind when your kids tackle their day.

” My boy eloped from school! We understood immediately and discovered him so rapidly!!”– Stephanie D., AngelSense consumer

2. Relay Kids Smartphone: Screenless choice

Relay provides the convenience and reassurance of an intelligent device without all the diversions.

This ingenious take on a kids’ smart device has GPS tracking, across the country protection, and one-touch communication. Its lack of a screen suggests you will not have to monitor their screen time.

It likewise consists of customizable channels that let you establish specific or group talks. That indicates your child can reach a parent or the entire family with the touch of one button. And there are a couple of enjoyable functions like a music gamer and a voice changer with sound results.

There are no long-lasting contracts with the Relay, so you spend for service just as long as you desire it. The personalized channels make it easy for your child to keep in touch with everyone.

If you’ve more than one child with a Relay, you can establish chats with each of them separately or create a group to call them all for dinner with the touch of a button.

That screenless GPS tracker for kids cuts down on the distraction and delivers only the most necessary components for communication and comfort you require.

One thing is that the Relay isn’t wearable. Your child needs to carry it with them in a pocket or knapsack, which suggests you need to depend on them to remember it wherever they go.


  • Bullet No agreements
  • Bullet Individual and group talks
  • Bullet No distracting video games or apps


Bullet Not wearable

Standout function: One-touch talk

The Relay runs like a walkie-talkie. All your child needs to do is that to get in touch with you is hit one button.

” My kid likes his Relay! I can see where he’s on a map. He can call whenever he wants. There is no issue with any video games. He’s too busy having fun with friends.”– Scott B., Relay client

3. Verizon GizmoWatch 2: Smartwatch choice

The GizmoWatch 2 is a slick watch packed with functions for parents and kids to delight in. They can text, call you from their watch, track their steps, and set suggestions for their day.

The newest version of the GizmoWatch features an area for ten programmed numbers for households, neighbors, and trusted pals. If your child discovers themselves in an emergency or wishes to check in, they can pick among these numbers and call or send a pre-written message for assistance through the GPS.

In addition to routine GPS tracking, you can set GPS borders to keep your kids safe. If they cross a boundary, you will get an automated alert. This feature is convenient if you’ve got a wanderer. You can see their location through the moms and dads’ app and inspect their status live.

We saw the most common grievance from parents was that the band consists of low-cost material. Or it was very easy for their kids to eliminate.

The battery likewise tends to drain pipes quickly, so you’ll require to charge the watch typically. If you’re ready to sacrifice functions like step tracking or live place updates, the battery will last much longer.

And call us particularly; however, we’d like to see more colors readily available than just pink and blue. More color alternatives could get your kids excited to wear their slick brand-new watch.


  • Bullet Step tracker
  • Bullet Two-way interaction
  • Bullet No distracting apps or games
  • Bullet GPS limits


  • Bullet Flimsy watchband material
  • Bullet Quickly draining pipes battery
  • Bullet Only two color choices

Standout feature: Fitness tracker

You can watch on your children while they get delighted about physical fitness. The GizmoWatch allows kids to set workout goals, count actions, and schedule reminders for activities like sports or dance lessons.

Pay month-to-month or in advance

Since the GizmoWatch gets offered through Verizon, you can include it in your existing phone plan or pay for all of it at once. As a one-time payment, it charges $99.99 or $4.16 monthly for 24 months.

4. Jiobit Next: Best tiny tracker

The Jiobit tracker is lightweight, smaller than an Oreo– making it simple for youngsters to use throughout the day. There’s no way to listen or call in with the Jiobit, so if two-way communication is a must-have, this device won’t fit the costs.

Mentioning bills, Jiobit offers a one-year agreement plan at $8.99 per month or a month-to-month prepare for $12.99 each month.

The Jiobit tracker may go up to one week without charging. However, its real-time GPS might drain pipes the battery if your child is on the move frequently. That shows you do not have to fret about charging it daily, which offers you one less thing to worry about in the past bed every night.

Jiobit can attach a built-in loop, waistband clip, protected loop, strap clip, or an external sleeve attachment.

While the Jiobit gives accurate GPS tracking, there’s no speaker, so your child can’t call for assistance, and you can’t listen to ensure they’re fine.


  • Bullet Risk-free trial
  • Bullet Long battery life
  • Bullet Secure, durable attachments


Bullet No voice communication

Standout Feature: Self-learning

Jiobit has an innovation that will remember your child’s regimens, paths, and familiar places. That suggests Jiobit knows if your child goes somewhere, they aren’t supposed to or doesn’t get here where they need to be.

The Jiobit Next

The Jiobit Next is the latest variation of this tracker out now. This next-generation includes more dependable tracking for spotty locations like rural locations and inside.