4 Best Impact Driver Set Reviews


1. Makita T-01725 70 Piece Bit Set

Design functions

It is for 1/4 “drivers. The set also includes drills from 1/4” to 1/16 “. The compact set is easy to transport. Most significantly, it provides quality bits for the best impact drivers. All drills and bits featured a special black oxide finishing. This kind of finish is not unique to Makita, but it has shown results with rust resistance. The heat treatment used to the piece is special to the manufacturer, and it can take the bits even further in regards to durability.

The shank design likewise fits the impact drivers. Utilizing Ultra-Lok 1/4in hex shanks, the bits are all set for torque action. That is why the set includes the most popular screwdriver and nut-driver sizes. Driving, drilling, and attachment are much easier as an outcome.

All of these positives would not suggest much without actual usefulness. Their design puts them among the long-life bits. Their sharp profile means that you can utilize them on all kinds of products; even Makita recommends the bits to direct-use on plastic, metal, and some wood. The S2 modified steel profile of the bits includes the sturdiness and sharpness suggested for all of these materials.

Practical functions

The set consists of 3 magnetic nut motorists and various steel 2″ and 3.5″ driver bits. The set’s adaptability is likewise its primary weak point. While it functions well for occasional use, it may lack the choices needed for expert work. An example of this includes the bits, which are all Phillips-based. Multiple users have currently revealed their assistance for added long flathead bits with future releases.

Another possible problem includes the case. Simply put, its products do not have versatility. That is required to quickly get rid of each bit without breaking off numerous areas of the case. The immediate issue with the bits is that some of them may not be as up to Makita’s standard as many users anticipate. The coating can come off quickly from a few of the bits. Of course, this is primarily a problem with painted panels and walls, and some users may neglect the issue. The set could improve even without adding new bits by changing the powder coating finish and altering the case’s plastics.


With a versatile profile, the set has contractor-grade sturdiness.


  • Included magnetic bit holder
  • Oxide rust coating
  • Flexible with standard 70 pieces


It can be delicate on metal

2. Black+ Decker 71-966 Drilling and Screwdriving Set

Design functions

The bits have a clamp-style case locking. The bits produce screwing and drilling. Among the unique bits’ characteristics comes the magnetic drill sleeves. This characteristic is beneficial as the sleeve pulls up and helps hold the screw in location. One-handed operation is simpler as a result, and it is likewise an alternative to magnet-based bits.

A quick-connect bit is there in the set. It permits users to choose between using a screw bit or a drill bit. Nevertheless, one of the disadvantages of the quick-connect system is that it allows playing. So those seeking the most accurate outcomes may not be too enthusiastic. Users get square bits, Phillips-type bits from 1 to 3, and longer Phillips bits. They can cover most requirements around your home.

Convenient features

You can utilize it on various materials. It has a few limitations when it concerns top efficiency. Among the drawbacks users have to consider is the absence of minimum power magnets, which would hold the screws in location. You should think about this divisive issue needs before purchasing.

With 66 bits, the set is one of the most cost-effective in its class. It may not have the same quality as its alternatives; however, its budget-friendly price advises the package for house use or even a backup option for on-the-go professionals.


We recommend the set for those who desire to make the most out of the sleeve-based quick-connect design at an economical rate.


  • One of the most inexpensive sets
  • It comes with 66 bits for basic tasks
  • Includes Phillips-type bits


It doesn’t utilize the best magnets

3. Makita A-98348 50 Pc Impactx Driver Bit Set

Style features

The set is among the most valuable solutions for that scared rust will shorten their tools’ lives. For this purpose, Makita utilized a manganese phosphate surface for safeguarding the bits from deterioration. Simultaneously, as all Makita releases, the bits likewise went through a heat procedure to enhance toughness.

The bits have optimal geometry, made on a CNC maker. We see this right away in the method where every bit fits an impact driver and how it holds nuts and screws.

The precision-machined suggestion is among the most attractive attributes the bits can use. With decreased cam-out, even experts can think about the set for their daily jobs. Of course, the materials are not harmful either. We anticipate the bits, made from optimized steel, to have a long life if used correctly. 

Hassle-free features

One of the most hassle-free functions features the magnetic holder design. That indicates those hard-to-reach areas may end up being much easier to operate in, at least for many users. At the same time, this offers users the flexibility to work single-handedly. With durability, which may prevent broken bits, the set can be among the numerous choices Makita offers.


The bits are merely worth the investment for their budget-friendly price and the different manganese phosphate corrosion treatment.


  • Precision-machined suggestions
  • Manganese phosphate covering
  • Made from performance-enhanced steel
  • Adjusted heat treatments


No. 2 Phillips somewhat undersized

4. Neiko 10190A Impact Ready Magnetic Nut Driver Bit Set

Design functions

There are six magnetic nut drivers in the set. These bits are durable as they contain chrome vanadium steel. A black phosphate finishing ensures anti-corrosion. All bits come with magnetic usefulness, guaranteeing a secure locker while securing nuts and even bolts. Their fit is laser-engraved on every single piece for greater accuracy.

Hassle-free functions

Six hex shank nut chauffeurs are readily available in 1/4, 5/16, 3/8, 7/16, 1/2, and 9/16in sizes. Their magnetic profile makes them so easy to utilize, despite their size. The bits are among the trustworthy minimalistic nut driver sets, ready to handle the torque of impact power tools.


It contains long-lasting chrome vanadium steel materials. The bits use up-to-date technologies both for durability and for user experience.


  • Made from chrome vanadium steel
  • Laser-engraved for ease of usage
  • Effective magnetizer profile


Just 6 bits in the set